Though we were all able to breathe a momentary sigh of relief that this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas is a few days later than normal—there’s actually a chance to drop a few post-holiday pounds before flying out to Sin City—it’s still right upon us. And as has been the case for the last few years, it’s going to be a sprawling and massive affair that showcases the latest developments in tech across all aspects of our lives.

Some 180,000 attendees are expected roam the 2.8 million square feet of exhibit space across multiple locations in Vegas. But for those of you who won’t be able to make it, here are five good walkup stories to give you a solid sense of big news, trends and developments coming out of CES 2019. It can be summed in a letter and a number: 5G. Read on….

The DeanBeat: What to expect from CES 2019

VentureBeat’s Dean Takahashi offers up his veteran’s viewpoint on CES (the above stats are stolen from his piece). The further advancement of 5G, which will enable lightning fast download speeds wirelessly, could change the ISP landscape significantly. But he’s also interested in driver-assisted or self-driving automobiles, advances in energy harvesting to power the trillions of Internet of Things devices being predicted, foldable smartphones and screen technology, as well as major advances in health and wellness tech.

7 tech trends that will dominate CES 2019

Mashable columnist Pete Paschal dives a bit deeper into Google’s rather successful efforts to take on Amazon’s Alexa, and how far it still has to go. He also argues that health/wellness-related tech (from sleep gadgetry to air purification) will get greater attention that fitness tech, a subtle but still important distinction. Finally, detailed advances in automotive tech will also be an important area to keep an eye on.

Top 10 Customer Experience Trends To Look For At CES

Futurist and author Blake Morgan lists her important CES trends from a consumer-experience POV in this Forbes column. Her primary area of interest is artificial intelligence, but she also addresses the promise and advances of augmented reality/virtual reality as well as smart home tech.

14 Questions Tech’s Biggest Show Needs to Answer

CNET’s John Falcone, who’s attended the last 15 CES shows—his first was long before most marketers and agencies took serious notice—hits on a few unique trends in his piece. And he provides valuable links to other stories in his writeup. Notable is his question about what the other tech giants besides Google are doing, as well as his musing on how Netflix will fare this year in the face of much greater competition to its streaming domination. Finally, he also asks if tech firms are thinking enough about both privacy issues as well as the impact of the current trade-war and tariffs.


Finally, let’s wrap with a gadget-centric walkup story from the staff of the Verge, which considers this year’s CES to be “iterative,” in that we’ll most likely hear about advances to existing tech than actual new inventions or innovations. This piece breaks down CES by topic, from gaming to PCs to drones.

Happy reading!