You knew it was going to be the wildest session of the day at the Aria Sky Suite when the guests showed up bearing guitars and keyboards, and within minutes the guy behind the mixing board was blasting out an EDM remix of the Meow Mix theme! Yes, the Jingle Punks were in the house, with an assist from iHeart Media, to talk about “The Art of the Jingle Hack”—possibly the least CES-sy session of the week.

After a warm introduction by iHeartMedia’s ECD Rahul Sabnis, Jared Gutstadt (aka Jingle Jared), the leader of the band and co-founder/CCO of Jingle Punks, along with head of biz dev Jesse Korwin, listened to a brief from Cap’n Crunch. The target consumer: a mobile-first millennial male who enjoys playing Fortnite, enjoys late-night snacking and energy drinks. Suggested musical inspiration in the brief: Panic at the Disco! and DJ Khaled.

With input from the crowded room, Jingle Punks (the name was conceived in sarcasm) got to work devising a jingle for the venerable cereal brand, jotting down slogans and catchwords on a whiteboard that were ultimately folded into the song. The team also challenged the musical suggestion, countering instead with more of a Post Malone or Lil’ Pump vibe (the latter described by Jingle Jared as “this generation’s Hall & Oates”). Several taglines were crowdsourced while a false intro was cued up on the mixing board that then led into the Lil’ Pump-ish groove of the final product. Laying down a slick, slow-jam hip-hop beat, the group recorded all the voiceovers and song bits, and a jingle was born that you could easily imagine on a cereal ad you might catch on Adult Swim or some other channel.

It was a fascinating insight into the process of shaping the music behind an ad, in its most contemporary form. And the client was happy: “This was an amazing experience and a great jumping-off point for the brand’s 2019 work. Really helped set a sound for the Cap’n.”

Will the jingle make it to air? It’s too early to tell. But if you ever hear the Jingle Punks are around for an audio hackathon, you might want to make time to be there. It’s a lot of fun.